For more information on safety measures, see our hygiene measures.

— At home
Are you looking for new cinematic sensations? Experience virtual reality at home with the rental of a PHI VR TO GO headset, movies included.

The PHI VR TO GO all-in-one headset allows you to experience breathtaking, unexpected, and moving moments with your family or alone in the comfort of your own home. The short films presented are drawn from the Space Explorers: The ISS Experience series, the most ambitious production ever filmed in space. Filmed over two years with privileged access to the International Space Station crew, this immersive epic will bring you up close and personal with the joys, wonders and dangers of life in orbit, alongside astronauts whose experiences will leave a lasting impression.
It's simple.
No computer or application is required.
Go to the rental section, choose the day and options that suit you and book!
Receive or Retrieve
If you choose the delivery, our team will drop everything off at your door in a safe and environmentally friendly way! You can also pick up your headset directly at the PHI Centre.
We wish you a good trip
in the comfort of your home!

Your rental includes
1 Oculus GO headset
for about 48 hours
A selection of
immersive films
Teleport alongside the astronauts, witness their epic, emotional and inspiring adventure.
created by Félix Lajeunesse et Paul Raphaël, Felix & Paul Studios
Episode 1
A New Dawn
(English, 19 minutes, 2018)

Witness the lives of NASA astronauts as they navigate the trials and sacrifices of their training and missions.
Episode 2
Taking Flight
(English, 20 minutes, 2018)

Explore the camaraderie of space programs around the world, and discover the latest advancements and plans for deep space exploration.
Episode 1
(English, 29 minutes, 2020)

A new crew of astronauts arrive aboard the International Space Station and discover the joy, wonder, and dangers of life in space.
Episode 2
(English, 33 minutes, 2021)

Astronauts perform critical experiments that push the boundaries of life in space as three crew members prepare to return to earth.

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Available Tuesday to Thursday or Friday to Monday
(Island of Montreal)
Pick-up at PHI Centre**
* Taxes and $250 refundable security deposit are not included in the price.

** Headset pick-up at the PHI Centre is available on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9am and 5pm.
Many of you at home want to live the experience? Double the pleasure by renting two headsets!
** PROMO $10 This offer is applicable at the box office for the rental of two headsets in the same transaction.

Rent in complete safety
PHI follows a meticulous protocol of hygiene measures: from the preparation of the headsets to their retrieval, through to the green home delivery procedure (bike or electric car). The equipment, carefully disinfected with the ultraviolet Cleanbox process and according to the directives of the Public Health Agency of Canada is packed in 2 contactless bags. The delivery will be executed so that there is no physical contact between you and the employee.
1. The equipment is carefully cleaned and disinfected with ultraviolet rays and packed in 2 non-contact bags.
2. The delivery person, having disinfected his hands and wearing disposable gloves, places the package in front of your door, rings the bell, and steps back two meters.
3. Phi invites you to recycle the bag that has been in contact with the outside.
4. Take a seat and prepare yourself for a new immersive experience.
5. For pick-up, please place the material in the return bag with the PHI Centre's address written on the top.
6. At pick-up time, leave the bag outside while the delivery person is two meters from your door.
How does delivery work?
Delivery and pickup are between 9am and 5pm on rental days. If you choose Tuesday, the headset will be picked up on Thursday and if you choose Friday, the headset will be picked up the following Monday.
Can I come pick it up myself?
You can pick up your headset on the day your rental begins between 9am and 5pm and you must bring it back yourself on the scheduled return date.
Will the rental service be extended outside the island of Montreal?
For the moment, the service is only offered on the island of Montreal.
Do I need to be at home for the delivery?
Yes, one person must be present between 9am and 5pm on the day of delivery and return.
How does the payment work?
Payment is done online. At the time of your purchase, there will be supplementary fees for delivery, and a 250$ deposit per headset. The deposit will be refunded when the headset is returned and you should see the changes in your bank within 2-10 days.
What does it mean "number of tickets I'd like" when I go to
check out. Does this mean the number of times I can watch
a film or the number of headsets included?
It refers to the number of VR headsets you would like for your order, not the number of times you'd like to watch the shorts.
Can I watch a film more than once?
You can watch and rewatch a film as many times as you like during the rental period.
If I have an Oculus GO already at home, is it possible to rent the
program without renting the headset?
Unfortunately our program is only available with the rental of a headset.
Are the headsets easy to operate?
We have created a custom interface to make the user experience as simple and straightforward as possible without a controller. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, feel free to contact us during operational hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday), by email at [email protected] or by using our chat client online.
Is the virtual reality experience discomforting or unsuitable for people with certain conditions?
The virtual reality experience is safe and enjoyable but can cause discomfort for some people. It is not recommended for individuals with claustrophobia, heart conditions, back conditions, or with a history of seizures or epilepsy.
Can we clean the equipment with a disinfectant wipe?
You can clean the equipment with a disinfectant wipe without any problem. However, you should use a microfiber cloth (like for eyeglasses) for the headset lenses to avoid scratching them.
Age restriction
Is the material suitable for my child?
It is not suggested that children under the age of 13 experience VR. Parental supervision is recommended.
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